Our specialised packages include the Doctor Consultation, recommended Vaccines for that region and any prescriptions needed.

Packages vary depending on which region you are travelling to:

South East Asia Package starts from €155 for Students and €165 for Adults.

South America Package starts from €155 for Students and €165 for Adults. If Yellow Fever is required, an additional fee of €40 applies.

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Additional vaccines may be required, depending on your specific travel itinerary.

For advice on travel to specific destinations please click here. For prices on individual vaccines, see below.


*Only an administration/consultation fee of 25 euros is charged for the Influenza (Flu) vaccine

Consultation Fees


A Consultation fee is required for appointments. In cases where follow up vaccinations are required to complete a course no consultation fee is charged (for vaccinations started in our clinics). 


Travel Health Check

Pre-Departure check €100

Returned Traveller/post exposure check €100