Travel Health

Our doctors have travelled and worked abroad. They have experience in dealing with specific issues of travel medicine. We aim to keep you in good health, when home and away! 


Malaria, Dengue, Zika

We will advise if you need malaria prophylaxis depending on your travel destination and which anti-malarial medication would suit you best.

In addition, we advise how to deal with Zika, Dengue and other insect borne diseases.

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Travel vaccinations & Destinations

We will discuss your travel destinations and will tailor specific vaccinations depending on your activities and locations. Our travel advice is based on best international guidelines.

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General Travel Health & Advice

Sometimes, despite best efforts, people fall ill while travelling. We offer general travel advice before you go, to try to minimise these risks.

We also offer a returned traveller consultation with our experts, should you become ill when you get back.




We provide travel health advice to all destinations, however below is a list of regions that are especially popular with travellers. For advice on travel to specific countries please click here.

We recommend booking a travel appointment at least 4-6 weeks prior to departure.




Recommended Vaccines include Tetanus, Diphtheria, Hepatitis A and Typhoid.

Please ask about our specialised packages, which includes travel consultation with the doctor, vaccines and any prescriptions needed.

Prices for these packages start from €155 for students and €165 for adults. Group discounts also apply. Click here for a list of individual vaccine costs.


Again, recommended vaccines include Tetanus, Diphtheria, Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Please note that proof of Yellow Fever Vaccine may be required for entry into certain South American countries.

Malaria Prophylaxis may be required. Consider effects of altitude if planning to do the Inca Trail. 

Prices for these specialised packages  start from €155 for students and €165 for adults. If Yellow Fever is required, an additional fee will be applied. Group discounts may also apply. Click here for a list of individual vaccine costs.



Recommended vaccines include Tetanus, Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Consider Rabies if trekking off the beaten track. 

Prices for specialised packages start from €155 for students and €165 for adults (includes doctor consultation, vaccines and prescription.)

Click here for further information on individual vaccines.


Our specialised packages include the Doctor Consultation, recommended Vaccines for that region and any prescriptions needed.

Packages vary depending on which region you are travelling to:

South East Asia Package starts from €155 for Students and €165 for Adults.

South America Package starts from €155 for Students and €165 for Adults. If Yellow Fever is required, an additional fee of €40 applies.

For more information on packages click here.




Additional vaccines may be required, depending on your specific travel itinerary.

For advice on travel to specific destinations please click here. For prices on individual vaccines, see below.


*Only an administration/consultation fee of 25 euros is charged for the Influenza (Flu) vaccine

Consultation Fees


A Consultation fee is required for appointments. In cases where follow up vaccinations are required to complete a course no consultation fee is charged (for vaccinations started in our clinics). 


Travel Health Check

Pre-Departure check €100

Returned Traveller/post exposure check €100



Quantiferon TB Gold Blood Test

For use as an aid in the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis(TB) infection

  • High sensitivity at >95%
  • Highest specificity of any test for tuberculosis infection
  • Innovative CD8+ T-cell technology
  • Robust and reliable results

Mantoux Test

We also perform the traditional Mantoux Test (TB skin test). This  involves the patient attending for a skin test and then returning 48 hours later to have the skin test assessed.

TB Screening Test using Quantiferon technology

TB Screening Test using Quantiferon technology

Returned Traveller

If you have recently been travelling and become unwell on your return home, it is wise to consider a tropical disease.

Our clinic offers specialist screening for these diseases, including testing for Zika Virus, where clinically appropriate. 

Contact us for further information and fees


Contact Us

Our doctors are experienced in travel medicine and are happy to discuss your queries.

We offer advice on all medical aspects of travel and will include any prescriptions you may need, such as anti-malarial tablets. We will provide you with your vaccination booklet and evidence of Yellow Fever vaccination (if required.)

We recommend booking a travel appointment 4-6 weeks before travel. 


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