General Practice

At Trinity Clinic we provide a broad range of services to all our patients, both young and old.

Phone (01) 541 4748 for an appointment. Walk-ins also welcome.

We also provide Women's & Men's Health Consultations, advice on Contraception, Mental HealthPaediatrics and Antenatal Care.

You can book a free Cervical Smear with us.


Women's Health and Contraception

Whether you are looking for contraception or planning a family, we have a special interest in Women's Health and provide a wide range of services. 



We offer advice on contraceptive choices to women of all ages.

  • Coil & Implant (Dublin 5 Clinic only) 
  • Depo Injection (Dublin 5 Clinic only)
  • Contraceptive Pill
  • Emergency Contraception

Cervical Check

  • Our Doctors are registered smear takers with Cervical Check
  • We provide free cervical smears to all eligible women aged between 25 and 60 years.  
  • To check if you are eligible for a  free smear, please click here.
  • We also provide HPV vaccine, which helps to protect against cervical cancer and genital warts.

Menopause & Osteoporosis

We provide care during your menopause:

  • hormonal therapy if needed.
  • screening for Osteoporosis (Brittle Bone disease)
  • supporting Breast Cancer Screening.

Family planning & FERTILITY

If you are planning on starting a family, we offer

  • pre-natal advice, including nutrition and blood tests.
  • routine fertility investigations if you have difficulty conceiving. 
  • Specialist referral if required.

antenatal care

We provide Combined Antenatal care under the Mother and Infant Care Scheme. This entitles you to a number of free GP visits during your pregnancy, as well as a free 2 week and 6 week check after your baby is born.

We also provide vaccinations recommended during pregnancy, such as influenza (flu) and pertussis (whooping cough.)

We have a special interest in Breast Feeding.  We aim to support you both during your pregnancy and when your baby arrives, should you choose to breast feed. We also plan to provide Breast Feeding Classes shortly for new and expectant mums. Contact us for more information.


Paediatrics & childhood vaccinations

Our doctors have experience working in Paediatrics, both in hospital and in clinics. We provide paediatric care to all our little visitors. 

We also participate in the Primary Immunisation Schedule, which provides free vaccinations to all babies. For more information about your baby's vaccines, click here

Men's Health


prostate Screening

We provide screening for prostate cancer for men who are eligible, as per the ICGP (Irish College of General Practitioners) guidelines. This entails having a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigent) blood test and a digital rectal examination.

We will discuss your results and address any concerns you may have. 

testicular screening

Testicular cancer generally affects men under the age of 45 years. If you have any concerns about testicular lumps, we would suggest booking an appointment.

For further information about cancer and on self-examination, click

erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be surprisingly common and increases with age. 

Contact us for an appointment. 


Mental Health

It's okay not to feel okay.

Your mental health is important and we aim to support you in protecting or improving your mental health. 

Our doctors will listen and provide medical advice or treatment if needed. 

Contact us for an appointment.

Click on for more information.

Health Screening

what is a health screen?

"Prevention is better than cure"

Our health screens include

  • Full medical history
  • Detailed physical examination
  • Blood tests including cholesterol & diabetes
  • Other necessary investigations such as ECG (heart tracing)
  • Follow up report with medical recommendations 
  • Referral if needed

Please note that we also offer STI Screening- click here for more information.

Contact us for further information.




Please phone (01) 541 4748 if more information needed.

Adult Consultation €60

Student Consultation €55

Blood Tests (in addition to Consultation) €30

Cervical Smear FREE

Antenatal Care FREE

Baby Vaccinations FREE

General Health Screen €100

IUD (Coil) Insertion & Consultation €195

Implant insertion/removal €120

Depo injection €60

STI Screen click here for more information

Travel Medicine & Vaccinations- click here

For other fees, please enquire. Contact us.