Travel Health

Our doctors have travelled and worked abroad. They have experience in dealing with specific issues of travel medicine. We aim to keep you in good health, when home and away! 


Malaria, Dengue, Zika

We will advise if you need malaria prophylaxis depending on your travel destination and which anti-malarial medication would suit you best.

In addition, we advise how to deal with Zika, Dengue and other insect borne diseases.

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Travel vaccinations & Destinations

We will discuss your travel destinations and will tailor specific vaccinations depending on your activities and locations. Our travel advice is based on best international guidelines.

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General Travel Health & Advice

Sometimes, despite best efforts, people fall ill while travelling. We offer general travel advice before you go, to try to minimise these risks.

We also offer a returned traveller consultation with our experts, should you become ill when you get back.