Women's Health and Contraception

Whether you are looking for contraception or planning a family, we have a special interest in Women's Health and provide a wide range of services. 



We offer advice on contraceptive choices to women of all ages.

  • Coil & Implant
  • Depo Injection
  • Contraceptive Pill
  • Emergency Contraception

Cervical Check

  • Our Doctors are registered smear takers with Cervical Check
  • We provide free cervical smears to all eligible women aged between 25 and 60 years.  
  • To check if you are eligible for a  free smear, please click here.
  • We also provide HPV vaccine, which helps to protect against cervical cancer and genital warts.

Menopause & Osteoporosis

We provide care during your menopause:

  • hormonal therapy if needed.
  • screening for Osteoporosis (Brittle Bone disease)
  • supporting Breast Cancer Screening.

Family planning & FERTILITY

If you are planning on starting a family, we offer

  • pre-natal advice, including nutrition and blood tests.
  • routine fertility investigations if you have difficulty conceiving. 
  • Specialist referral if required.